Week 17: A Question for You

When I heard this question asked of me, I didn’t like it:

“What Am I Pretending Not to Know?”

Me? Pretend? That’s a rather nervy inquiry! Immediately I began perusing my brain as to what am I not “dealing with”. (Hmmmmm, I won’t put the list here). It was, however, cause for pause and continues to be.

A week later I met with compadres in the Master Key Experience who had had the question posed to them the week before, too. Some were able to interpret the question entirely differently from my reaction.

Instead, they pondered the question in this vein: What am I pretending not to know about my . . . greatness, my brilliance, my worth, my contributions, my Godliness, my light and, (fill in the blank) . . . on go the attributes.

This was an astounding awareness, solidifying my unawareness in my greatness, my brilliance, my worth, my contributions, my Godliness, my light. All this time I could have been seeing light versus dark.

Attach an Attribute to Each balloon

No more. Now I sit still and ask with loving-myself intention: “What are my attributes and gifts and where do I release them, like colourful, playful balloons dancing in the sky?”

Please list your attributes. It is much more fun than entertaining disparaging thoughts of “what you’re pretending not to know.”

Dance, fly, and fly high! That’s entertainment!

Horses can Fly and so can You

Here’s a blog that says what I experience as a student in the MK Experience: https://kenhyra.wordpress.com/2022/01/18/mke-week-17-the-dog-days-of-summer/

9 responses to “Week 17: A Question for You”

  1. It was an unexpected turn during that Zoom when the tribe began to list the positive attributes! I love masterminding with such a positive group!


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